Industry Solutions/Ship Construction/Hydraulic Presses

It is designed according to your production purposes and your tools. It is manufactured standard with the pressure capacity from 200 to600 Metric tons.

It is constructed as an open or close frame press, the main cylinder is located in the upper part. The pressing table is located in the lower part. The upper tools are mounted on the main cylinder and the lower tools are mounted on the pressing table.

The optional rol-unit can be mounted on the pressing table, the lower roll is driven by a hydro motor. The upper roll is mounted on the cylinder.

With a sophisticated control system it is possible to precisely control the pressing force and position during operation. It is possible to work position or pressure dependent

  • Optional cranes are used for transporting plates through the machine. The cranes are integrated in the working cycle of the machine and are controlled from the same location as the machine.
  • It can be operated by relay or "PLC" of hand or semi-automatic operating; or can he operated by hand control arm to realize man-running.