Industry Solutions/Building industry/Production lines

The wheelbarrows will be produced by using of sheet metals which is suitable for deep drawing purposes with following thickness 0.6mm; 0.65mm; 0.7mm and 0.8mm. Wheelbarrows are produced according to customer design
The type of operation is continuous.
The capacity of the system is up to 250 barrows/h

Production line is including following Sub-Lines

  1. Sheet cutting line (Optional)
  2. Drawing line for barrows
  3. Corner Trimming and Curving Machine
  4. Punching Press 40t with feeding system and dies
  5. Pipe-frame profile bending & punching machine
  6. Various parts production line for production of metal parts for installation of Wheels and barrows
  7. Wheel production line:
  8. Wash machine
  9. Painting line