This type of presses is designed according to your production purposes and your tools. It is manufactured standard with the pressure capacity from 30 to 500 Metric tons.
This type of presses is constructed as a closed frame press. With a sophisticated control system it is possible to precisely control the pressing force during operation. It is possible to work pressure dependent(DR).
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LAP420 Hydraulic workshop press wit high working capacity 100-500 tons
WSP300 Hand & Motor operated workshop press, 30-300 t
WSP310 Hand & Motor operated workshop press 30-300 t
WSP330 Hydraulic Workshop Press With Tray 30-300t
WSP340 Motor operated workshop press with Mesh guarding 30-300 t
Hand & Motor operated workshop press WSP340, 30-300 t
WSP350 Motor operared hydraulic pulling press 30-150t.
WSP390 Hydraulic workshop press with gear stroller 200-500t