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The presses for plastic industry and here in particular of reinforced polyester, or SMC GMT require the highest precision with regard to parallelism, pressure monitoring, times and Travel. For this purpose, we manufacture the presses, specific systems, with the latest developments in Hydraulic units.

We offer customer-specific solutions. We provide th ...

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HPP580 Hydraulic special press for plastic and wooden industries 100-500tons
HWP400 Hydraulic Hot Press For Plastic Industries 250t
Hydraulic More Compartment Rubber Mature Press RWP700
HBP850 Hydraulic Press 10-300 t
HTEP800 Hydraulic Press For Plastic Industries 1000 t
PWP200 Hydraulic Press With Double Cylinder For Wood Shaping 100-300 t
RWP700 Hydraulic Rubber Mature Press 60-300 t
RWP700 Hydraulic Rubber Mature Press - expandable

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