ATM represents a complete range of services around the pneumatic and hydraulic dar. We provide solutions from the standard or special projects for specific customer requirements.

Our design and manufacturing is especially our service around the clock to highlight that we offer our customers locally. Our services for hydraulic applications in construction equipment, work platforms, forklifts, cranes, agricultural engineering Industrial engineering, municipal engineering, and manufacturing of molds, presses, filling machines and plastic processing plants are utilized

Our hydraulic power units are designed for all types of hydraulic systems with a single or double effect. The hydraulic units are to be fitted into small highly complex systems.

The unit consists of:

  • hydraulic pump, check valve, bellhousing, clutch, AC motor, oil reservoir with oil drain plug, Oil Gauge, Filters, return filter, pressure gauge, cooling, and safety valve and pressure relief valve.
  • Depending on customer requirements can be fitted units with an adapter block, so that an extension or modification of an existing valve structure is a few easy steps.

ATM offers hydraulic power units for industrial, mobile and aerospace applications. Standard, compact and custom power units are available from ATM. Hydraulic power units consisting of pumps, reservoirs, relief valves, filters, sight gages, and filler breathers from ATM deliver reliable power for hydraulic systems.

Compact power units from ATM may have single or bi-directional rotation, internal valving, load hold checks and relief valves. They may be used to charge accumulators, power hydraulic motors and cylinders, provide pilot flow to servo valves, pressurize lube systems and supply multifunction circuits with external valving.

Power unit types and styles:

  • Compact AC or DC units
  • Standard vertical, submerged or flooded suction designs
  • Electrohydraulic power modules for aerospace applications
  • Standard D-Pak, H-Pak, and V-Pak series
  • Custom Systems
  • Gear, vane or piston pumps
ATM hydraulic power units come in an endless variety of pressure and flow ranges, reservoir capacities, materials, and fluid compatibility.

ATM power unit benefits

  • Quieter operation
  • Elimination of potential leak point
  • Improved diagnostics
  • Protects against system shock

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