Valve and control technology:
The specific applications of our customers require ongoing development and production of custom solutions.

Multi-way in many variations increase the functionality of hydraulic systems by switching the functions of a control unit to many consumers.

Hydraulic controls can be with the best energy balance through the load-sensing technology to realize. Here we use the modular systems from Rexroth or Parker extremely flexible options for system solutions.

The advantage is that from a diverse range of short-term available components quickly and cost-control blocks for prototypes or small series can be compiled. From the tested solution, an optimized control block can be developed and produced for the series. Development time and risk can be significantly reduced by this approach.

Continuous development with our customers leads to new elements, and thus ever-broader applications.

Over a 3-way input pressure scale is held constant, the pressure drop across one or more control valves throttled. Thereby also the flow of oil to the respective consumer remains constant. In the system adjusts itself to the respective required load pressure. The excess flow of oil is not drained as in conventional systems over the pump safety valve, thereby reducing the heating of the oil.

Different from the modular input and final elements in the NG10 and NG06 are available. These elements are combined into a Series connection of the desired circuit.

For the vertical stacking are hydraulically pilot operated check valves and butterfly valves are available.