ATM Deutschland Maschinen & Werkzeuge Vertriebs GmbH

ATM is an international company of with representatives in many countries Worldwide well versed in the language of Machines, making them experienced contacts, is able to offer customers all of the products of the ATM quickly and efficiently Attentive listeners, who heed and respond to customers’ manifold wishes and ideas, creative, visionaries, instrumental in preventing bottlenecks in customers operations.

For more than 30 years we manufacture Hydraulic Presses, Press Brakes and Eccentric Presses for Automobile, Metal, Plastic and Ship construction industries and more than 5 years export our products all over the world.

We are a strong family

  • Optimal partnerships with the customer.
  • Outstanding cost-performance ratio.
  • Comprehensive customer service.
  • Just in time supplies.
Our guiding principles
  • partnership-based: As being synonymous with the establishment and nurturing of a long-term relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees - a relationship that is based on mutual trust and one which proves beneficial to both parties.
  • performance and profit-oriented: Refers to the sustained achievement of above-average results that can be attributed to the rational actions of our employees and a willingness on their part to perform.
  • Innovative: Refers to the critical examination of that which already exists and also embraces the courage to follow new paths. While pursuing these new paths, we must ensure that resources are not squandered and that we retain our focus on processes, techniques and products that are compatible with our environment.
We continuously invest in progressive technologies, thereby achieving maximum productivity and quality combined with low costs. In this way, we are able to offer our customers new and economic solutions under our trademarks ATM and Elmali

One of the most important preconditions for the success of our products is our highly motivated, keen and self-confident staff. Their identification with the business and readiness to assume responsibility underpins our success.

One of the most important tasks of our management is to live this corporate philosophy with our employees.